Why We Do This

Living in Los Angeles we see too many small businesses who are closing permanently or losing money. We feel that it is due to their lack of awareness of technology & strategy to compete in this digital age.

We strongly believe we can make a difference in helping small businesses in developing a strong & sustainable business; through the use of digital marketing, analytics & strategy.

How We Work

  1. We sit down with our clients to learn about their business, their goals, & their industry.
  2. Conduct research, analysis & strategy to best meet client goals.
  3. Begin designing website, social media, & conduct a photo shoot of business.
  4. Meet with client for revisions & review
  5. Publish all media & implement business strategy

What Happens Next

Aim Squad follows up with every client on a quarterly or needs basis. We provide clients with analytics report in order to help them better understand their strategy success. We also like to check up on our clients and see if they need any other further assistance.


This is not a one-time business transaction, this is a growing business relationship

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